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Nurse with cateEnabling registered veterinary practices to undertake insured treatments and benefit from approved direct billing arrangements with Insurance Companies. With a single point of contact for all claims, petproof is the UK's premier administrator of pet Insurance claims.

Service Certainty petproof is an automated, internet and call centre based platform developed to facilitate Veterinary practices across the UK to access standardised and authorised treatment fees for the Insured pet market. Providing a direct link between the Vet and the Insurer, Policyholders no longer have to pay for the full treatment of their pets, and can trust that their Insurer is fully supporting the essential attention that their pet deserves.

KittenThis is achieved by approved users accessing our internet based platform either from the office or practice environment, or in the field. It allows for the efficient administration of all pet claims invoices.

Our online claim notification process enables Veterinarians to obtain pre-treatment authorisation by simply completing a claim notification prior to treatment, without the need to collect anything more than any applicable excess and policy details from the policy holder. This provides the Policyholder peace of mind that their Insurer is fully appraised of the treatment, and you the reassurance that your invoice(s) will be processed quickly, efficiently and at the agreed fees.

The system provides for the centralised fee authorisation on all canine and feline treatments.

Simply logging into the platform with your unique user name and password provides access to the petproof online system.

Selecting the appropriate insurer and submitting some simple information about the policy and treatment, you will immediately be presented with the current Insurance approved fees for all respective treatments. Once completed, authorised quotations with their unique references can be printed or emailed for future use.

Whether on-call, home visit or mobile, prices can be obtained via smart phones or any other mobile internet service to ensure our availability to you 24/7.

If you have not yet done so, please register your practice to avoid approval delays.

Email: enquiries@servicecertainty.co.uk



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